Chapter 178

Vengeful Spirit — Loathsome Evil

In front of Leylin and the rest of the exploration team.

A passage made of jet-black metal had opened up to three pathways, each leading to a different direction.

At each of the entrances, there were no obvious signs at all, causing a wave of foreboding to go through the four of them.

“Since it’s a laboratory, how can there not be a sign for it?”

Brass Ring took the initiative and asked.

“There might have been one that had been destroyed by someone, or the Magi here had another method of communication that we’re unaware of!”

The old witch shot a glance at Brass Ring. “What’s wrong? We’ve come all the way here, are you thinking of backing out of our deal?”

“Of course not!” Brass Ring shook his head like it was the most obvious thing to do.

Not only were the rewards that the old witch offered extremely generous, there was a large possibility of there being large amounts of profit from within the secret plane. Neither of these were things that Brass Ring was willing to give up on.

“In that case, should we split up into teams...

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