Chapter 177

The Spirit Devouring Moth

After the black purple colour extended throughout the entire oil painting, the banshee disappeared without a trace.

“That’s a pretty good entrapment method! Did you buy this just for this purpose?”

Leylin approached the old witch, “I’m rather interested in this banshee. Can you sell it to me later? I’ll buy it at twice the market price!”

“Once we’re done exploring the secret plane and we find what I want, I can just give it to you!”

The old witch flashed Leylin a glance.

At the present, in the middle of the oil painting a small dot of silver light suddenly appeared.

The silvery light grew bigger and bigger and the surrounding void started to ripple. Finally, it settled into a corridor filled with a silvery sheen.

Resentment, wailing! A strong aura of dark spiritual power poured out constantly from within the corridor.

A faint mist started to rise around the whole wooden building and the sound of people of all ages started to sound all around.

This kind of scenery, if the old witch didn’t previously put everyone...

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