Chapter 175

Brass Ring and Jaye

“The Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect?!”

Leylin’s looked lost for a second, and immediately made a sound of astonishment. “Do you mean that sect that’s full of lunatics who think that spirits are the ultimate resting state of all living beings and like to massacre and sacrifice human flesh from time to time? Do you mean that wicked Magi sect?”

“Exactly! The Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect was just a small sect in the south coast during ancient times. I didn’t expect you to know of them!”

The old witch gasped at Leylin.

“The ruins of this kind of crazy sect is definitely going to be annoying. There might be some troublesome curses or mechanisms in there…”

Leylin was very clear about his abilities.

A year ago, he could barely win over a Magus with 50% elemental essence conversion and was considered an elite within the tier of rank 1 Magi.

After a year of constantly increasing his spiritual force and elemental essence conversion, the current him was at the top, second only to those who were on the verge of breaking through and already...

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