Chapter 173

The Venom Wyvern

“The theory of ecosystems has long since existed. For example, many Magi find that growing wild grasses alongside Tortoise-Backed Mountain Grass will increase the yields of both by 30%!”

Leylin sat on the sofa and began to articulate upon his theories.

“All I did was expand on this ring of connection. Adding multiple factors, it would proliferate to tens or even hundreds of species, forming a large ecosystem and increasing the outputs of various resources inside the secret plane…”

Truman’s eyes seemed to be giving off light. “What a novel theory! Being able to choose the most compatible ecosystem for the millions of resources in the natural world — I admire your knowledge and background in this area!”

Leylin just gave a faint smile. He was obviously unable to analyse that much data on his own, so the A.I. Chip did most of the work.

The research that he had made public was only on a superficial level.

He was prepared to employ the many key experiments and procedures in his very own secret plane in the...

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