Chapter 172

One Year

After fiercely negotiating the price, Leylin finally cut the price down to eighteen thousand magic crystals and bought the slaves.

Furthermore, right in front of Lucia within the shop, Leylin used his own spirit brand and branded the six slaves’ minds.

That meant from thereon, the fates of these slaves were all grasped within Leylin’s palm.

Also, the nature of the soul brand was such that they had to be completely obedient to Leylin. Even if they were asked to kill themselves, they had to do so without a moment’s thought!

One could go so far as to say that if Leylin felt a sudden urge, these slaves’ brains could simply explode like a watermelon.

“Haha… I’ll stop bothering you and be on my way then!”

Once they were on the street of their villas, Crew silently judged the two gorgeous female Knights behind Leylin with a mischievous twinkling in his eyes as they returned to their respective homes.

“That old geezer!” Leylin was speechless as he shook his head, before bringing the six slaves into his villa.

“This is my villa. You’ll be staying here from hereon, and you can choose your rooms in the...

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