Chapter 171

Magician Slaves

“No problem, we have the largest warehouse. As long as you make a request, we’ll immediately find a compatible slave for you!”

Lucia stated with confidence.

“Also, even if we don’t have it here, as long as you pay enough deposit, we can even organise a team to catch slaves and train them and teach them, customising them to your needs…”

Such a business model and industrialised chain of processes, also the special service provided for esteemed guests led Leylin to recall the VIP statuses back in his previous world.

“No need for that, my requirements are extremely simple!”

Leylin smiled, “First of all, it’s 5 slaves with the strength of Grand Knights. The race is to be humans, gender is unimportant. I need those with intact intelligence with no obvious flaw or damage on their bodies…”

He did lack a few workers in his villa to do odd jobs and maintain his image.

Furthermore, it was impossible for Leylin to take care of all miscellaneous tasks by himself.

Deep inside Leylin’s heart, he also had another...

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