Chapter 170

Princess of a Vanquished Nation

Noon came shortly after, and Leylin took a shower with a happy mood. He donned a set of comfortable white robes and went to Crew’s villa.

“Welcome, Leylin! My dearest friend!”

Crew gave Leylin a hug, looking somewhat bewildered.

“Your aura seemed to have increased again, it really makes people envious!”

Previously, he had already been astonished by Leylin’s age and potential. Towards a Magus who had such unlimited potential, establishing connections beforehand would often reap unexpected benefits.

However, Leylin’s rate of improvement far exceeded his expectations.

“This is just the result of a successful experiment!” Leylin gave a modest laugh.

In truth, this was the result after Leylin had used concealment spell to hide most of his spiritual force. If not, with Crew’s intelligence, he would definitely be able to guess at something.

Crew did not buy Leylin’s humble words, but the aspect of spiritual force was always among the most guarded secrets of Magi, so any prying would result...

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