Chapter 169

Tears of Mary

“Hm! The result appears to be not too bad! You can try increasing the quantity the next time round!”

A ball of milky white light emitted from Leylin’s hand, as it scanned across the many confining spirit spheres on the table, before Leylin gave a smile of satisfaction.

“Alright! I will bring these with me then. I will bring your medicine back at the earliest period of 10 days to latest 15 days!” Leyin made his promise.

“I would naturally believe you, after all we are under the constraints of the Trial’s Eye and signed an unbreakable pledge…” Though the old witch looked as though she trusted Leylin, Leylin still felt the mistrust in her heart.

However, this was not an unusual situation.

After this deal was successful, her amount of distrust will drop tremendously and the connection with benefits between both parties would also be closer.

After leaving the old witch’s small inn, Leylin hurriedly headed back to his villa.

It had been a while since his spiritual force had a great increase, so now he couldn't wait to attempt and brew the Tears of Mary,...

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