Chapter 168

In Retrospect

Of course, even within dark Magi organisations, there were rules and regulations.

If Leylin kept doing this, it would result in others ganging up on him and eliminating him under the pretext of self-defense.

That was why Leylin needed to first cause some conflict, and then be able to act with a good reason to do so.

Honestly speaking, even if Venom Snake had not challenged him, he was also planning on instigating some of the weaker Magi and then blow the whole thing out of proportion.

Afterwards, he would use revenge as an excuse to righteously kill and then seize their treasures!

But that was it.

Leylin assessed that after this affair, other dark Magi would be slightly dissatisfied with his actions, so he couldn’t let this get too far.

“You’re really…” The old witch was suddenly regretful, “I haven’t seen a youngster that’s as cool headed but also crazy in a very long time…”

“Nope! I’m just someone with the will to live!” Leylin said with a brilliant smile.

“What about you? When will you get your goods?”

The moment this was brought up, the old witch’s face stiffened....

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