Chapter 167

To Maraud

“You thought… the magic crystals are all for Giant?”

The old witch snuck a glance at Giant, who was saying something, and answered Leylin under her breath.

“Am I wrong?” Leylin was a little astonished.

“Of course not. Even though Giant is pretty impressive, he’s no rank 2 Magus. Out of this pile, he’ll get at most 40% of it!” She pointed to the little mountain in the middle of the room.

“As for the rest, they’ll all go to ‘Boss’!” The old witch was vague.

“Boss?!” Hearing this phrase started Leylin’s imagination.

Magi only respected power. For even the old witch to call someone ‘Boss’, this must mean that this person, Boss, was at least a rank 2 Magus, right?

“Who else? Who do you think is the one warding off the light Magi’s divination magic?”

She retorted with a manic laugh.

“According to what I know, there are at least two to three dark Magi organisations like us. As for their backers, there will also be various people controlling from behind the scenes…”

As they were in a mutual alliance through the previous agreement with the potions, the...

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