Chapter 166

A Successful Retreat

Leylin turned around and saw the baldy’s snake shoot an ice bullet, which shattered the innate defense spell of his opponent.

At the same time, the precious boa of his charged, revealing razor sharp fangs and sinking them into the light Magus’ neck.

Baldy’s opponent was a rather young looking Magus with blonde hair and blue eyes. He had an extremely cheery disposition.

It was a pity, however, that right now, this light Magus had death written all over his face. With the continuous constriction of the boa, his life was drained away.

After killing the light Magus, the baldy’s Venom Snake threw Leylin a provocative look.

However, Leylin acted as if he saw nothing, and dashed right into the division of the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower.

“Right now, he wants to be petty about such things and not steal treasures? This Magus is definitely somewhat mental!”

Leylin hurriedly ran past the doors and arrived at a place that seemed to be a library.

“These are all information meant for acolytes, so I’ll forgo them. A.I. Chip, scan!” Leylin’s eyes hurriedly...

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