Chapter 165

Crimson Palm


With the command, the Magus enshrouded in green mist acted first.

After an incantation, he floated in the air, green mist continuously emanating from his body.

*Whoosh!* All of the dark green fog turned into a hurricane and struck at a part of the division in Leylin’s field of vision.

*Sssii!* This green fog seemed to have extremely acidic properties.

Several acolytes wailed as they turned into white bones after the fog engulfed them. Even the surrounding ground turned even softer and muddier, turning into a marsh.

Even the light from part of the defensive spell formation trembled under the corrosive power of the green fog, as if it was going to shatter at any moment.

“Who is it? You actually dare to attack a division of the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower?”

An enraged voice sounded out. Following which, a figure wearing black armour flew up into the air.

“Kill!” The black clothed figure coldly shouted, and smoke billowed from the ground, turning into a skull as it struck the green fog.

“Hehehe…” The Magus in the green fog cackled. Under...

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