Chapter 164

Participate And Plunder

Leylin did not know of the incident that happened after he left the small shop.

After coming to an agreement with the old witch, he first went to the most famous and lavish restaurant in the Nightless City for a sumptuous meal. Following that, he brought gifts to Crew’s villa to thank him for divulging some information beforehand.

As for Crew, after he saw Leylin who had successfully become a member of the Four Seasons Garden, his shocked expression almost caused Leylin to laugh.

Although the Four Seasons Garden was rated as first class with complete experimentation facilities, it was undeniable that in terms of enjoyment it was still lacking to what the Nightless City had to offer.

Leylin finally understood why many members who had a dormitory in the headquarters of the Four Seasons Garden still visit the Nightless City during their vacation period.

For Magi, their long lifespan and inhuman strength allowed them to easily obtain much influence and status.

And apart from research and analysis, these mortal pleasures became one of their ways of ent...

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