Chapter 163


Not only did Leylin display his immense might in front of the old witch, he even revealed that he had the backing of the Four Seasons Garden. Hence, the old witch now had no choice but to take him seriously.

As for the possibility of the other party catching hold of Leylin’s weak point?

Right now Leylin had not joined any dark Magi organisations, so why would he be afraid of that?

Also, after successfully joining the organisation that the old witch was in, everyone would be in the same boat. Leylin also had other plans, and would never allow this old witch to reveal them to others.


A heap of high-grade magic crystals that radiated huge energy waves was emptied on the table, along with a dozen black magic crystal cards.

These magic crystal cards were made of the essence of 1000 magic crystals, which was the origin for many formations source of energy. Hence, they were extremely sought after.

“All of my magic crystals are here. Every item in this shop, as long as you want them, can be yours. If only you could give me that potion’s formula.”

An earnest and pleading expression appeared...

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