Chapter 162

A Meeting

No matter how great the Four Seasons Garden’s secret plane was, it did not belong to him. Therefore, Leylin did not want to reveal his trump cards for the sake of it.

Also, as a newly advanced Magus, it was just a pipe dream for him to own a secret plane all to himself.

Apart from these couple stray thoughts, Leylin did not have any better methods that he wanted to employ.


Seven days later, the crisp caw of a Nighthawk sounded. Leylin sat on the back of a Dragon Crown Nighthawk while flying back to the Nightless City.

The missions to maintain the secret plane were indeed some of the most popular missions.

Leylin and Oak only spent seven days to cleanse the eastern part of the secret plane. Not only was the disease cured, they managed to drive away droves of ferocious beasts.

After which, Leylin and the others who, had nothing else left to do, were sent out of the secret plane. On each of their tokens, there was a huge number of contribution points added.

“I can try my earlier plan now. Also, I need to find several more servants. If I were to do everything...

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