Chapter 161

Man-made Rain

“This is shocking, isn’t it?”

Martin joyfully said as he walked closer. “This is the Four Seasons Garden’s four seasons secret plane, which has an overall land area of more than one hundred thousand mu, and is abundant with various types of resources… …”

“One hundred thousand mu?” Leylin was extremely surprised; this was the land area of a couple countries from before he was reincarnated added up together.

“Yeah, there are not only valuable objects and magical living creatures, but normal humans are in here too…”

Martin pointed towards the distance at what looked like an area of small towns and villages. “We employ normal humans to help us with farming and even working at some plantations for the Magi. This proves that being well organised, well planned with training, and more highly invested human resources, we can produce even more resources…”

“The entire Four Season’s secret plane is the foundation of our Four Season’s Garden, and is an unending stream of treasure!”

“Building the secret plane, cultivating resources, and harvesting; these are the main resources used to furnish the white Magi’s power!” An...

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