Chapter 160

Four Seasons Secret Plane

“Why is the price of these crystals so expensive?”

Leylin could not help but blurt out, “Also, there’s a limit to the quantity that I can purchase?”

From the looks of it, with such a method for calculating the price, elemental crystals were one of the most expensive items in the catalogue. Their prices were only second to that of a spiritual force potion.

Leylin had stayed in the Four Seasons Garden for four months and had been allocated 10 contribution points per month. This meant that even if Leylin stayed idle, he would be able to get ten contribution points per month from the Four Seasons Garden. Furthermore, he had joined Martin’s squad, and every time he completed a mission, he would receive a fixed amount of contribution points.

However, even after adding all of these up, it was actually still not enough to buy many items.

“Although the backlash of the elemental crystals is great, it is undeniable that it can boost the strength of a Magus. Naturally, it is an item that is highly sought after.”

The female Magus seemed to have heard these questions countless...

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