Chapter 158 (Teaser)


“Good, now let’s speak about your allocations…”

Reynold told Leylin.

“According to Wade, you have an amazing talent and ability in Potioneering. We cannot allow such a talent to be neglected. After some consideration, we are prepared to arrange you into the Potioneering team. Do you have any objections?”

“I couldn’t wish for anything better!” Leylin smiled.

Since there were Potioneering teams, there should be other alchemy teams, battle teams and more. Leylin only wanted to enter the organisation to get a salary and gather some resources. He definitely would not be willing to endanger his life fighting battles for them.

As for being able to join the Potioneering team, the requirements should be related to Potioneering, which was something he specialised in.

It seemed that intentionally having exposed his innate skill and strength from before had helped him in his promotion.

“Alright! Wade, bring Leylin to the Decarte of the Potioneering team, and then come back. In regards to the Moonflower Flame incident, I think there are better ways to deal with it...... "

“Yes, teacher!” Wade gave...

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