Chapter 157


“Let’s go!” Wade called towards the distracted Leylin.

“What, do you like these guys?”

Wade pointed at a creature in front of Leylin that looked like an elephant, but had a layer of white feathers on its body that appealed to Leylin.

“I’m very interested in these kinds of strange creatures!”

Leylin gave a slight smile while he made a decision. He would come here often and look around, and if he was lucky enough, there might even be a few creatures with ancient bloodlines!

“Come on!”

Wade brought Leylin to where two gigantic Dragon Crown Nighthawks were.

These huge birds that resembled eagles had steely black feathers covering their bodies and their necks were dyed red. On their head, there was a beautiful protruding bone in the shape of a crown.

Wade unlocked the bronze collar on the Dragon Crown Nighthawks’ necks and tossed one of the green metal sheets Leylin.

“This is the key to controlling them. Come, let us leave!”

Leylin climbed on one of the Nighthawks’ backs in curiosity. On its back was the leather saddle of a mount. It seemed to...

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