Chapter 156


Regular humans who lived in the domain of light Magi had better lives than those in the dark Magi domain.

Furthermore, the revered magicians even allowed them to obtain resident rights in Zone 2 as long as they continuously worked hard for it.

However, from what Leylin saw, it was only a different form of management.

Regular humans were treated at the same level as wild grasses in the dark Magi domain, and they did not receive management very often. The only thing was that they would be harvested in times of need.

As for the light Magi, they treated these humans as pieces of property; hence, they could afford to invest huge amounts of time and effort to manage them in order to reap greater benefits.

Even in the most open minded domain of the light Magi, magicians always had a position far above regular humans. Furthermore, this gap in status surpassed the gap between regular humans and nobles.

Leylin saw many situations in which regular humans, even those that seemed to be nobility, respectfully moved aside and gave a deep bow when they saw an aco...

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