Chapter 155

Jeffrey’s Purifying Potion


Seeing the chaotic scene, Tyne, who had stayed quiet all this while, suddenly spoke.

In a split second, tremendous spiritual power swept through the hall like a storm.

“This is the assessment to enter my Four Seasons Garden. If you have no wish to participate, the door’s right there. Please feel free to leave.”

Tyne pointed to the small door at the side.

It instantly became unnaturally quiet.

“Good! Are there none who want to withdraw? In that case, let the examinations begin!” Wade glanced at the Magi under him, nodded, and a golden hourglass appeared in the middle of the room. Grain by grain, the sand started to fall.

Seeing that it was time to begin, the magicians quickly ran to their workbenches and started to handle the materials they had.

Leylin found himself a space in the corner, and since there were many workbenches within the hall, nobody was going to fight him for this place. At the moment, he was still relaxed enough to be judging the performance of the acolytes.

Since these Magi had all chosen...

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