Chapter 154

Four Seasons Garden

As there were only a few official Magi, empty counters were readily available.

There were a few magicians sitting on the big benches around the hall as if waiting for something or someone.

Leylin looked around and arrived in the front of an empty counter.

“Hello!” The young maiden behind the counter seemed to emit the energy waves of a level 3 acolyte. Upon seeing Leylin, she greeted him cheerfully, as her face brightened up with a smile.

“I wish to join Four Seasons Garden, hence I’m here to apply!” Leylin directly told her his purpose for arriving.

“Nightless City welcomes you as our newest member!” After listening to Leylin’s request, the young maiden’s smiling expression was more pronounced. “Please show me your ring!”

Leylin removed the silver ring from his finger and handed it over to her.

The young maiden reached out for the ring, placed it onto an instrument from behind the counter, and then respectfully handed the ring back to Leylin.

“Please fill out this form, and we will send a reply to you as soon as possible!" Subsequently, the young maiden handed a sheepskin parchment form to Leylin.


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