Chapter 153

Seeking Entry

“Come on! I specially got someone to bring this black tea all the way from the eastern islands!”

The simplistically carved wooden teacup was giving off steam, which vaporised into the air, bringing about the fragrance of brewed tea.

With a hospitable smile on his face, the red-haired Crew brought a cup of black tea to Leylin.

Sometime after Leylin finished consuming the crystals and made the decision to be a resident of the Nightless City, he bought a gift and paid the Magus Crew a visit.

“Come, this is a honey cake made from the honey of Pomelo Bees! The taste is delicious!”

After seeing Leylin drink the red tea, old Crew directed one of his maidservants to serve a plate of extremely sweet mini cake.

The maidservants wore extremely exposing uniforms, only covering the few crucial areas. Most of her glossy skin was out in the open, which looked extremely alluring.

“If you like them, I can gift you a few!”

Crew laughed absent-mindedly.

“Please don’t tease me!” Leylin shook his head as he forced a smile. “Haven’t I already told you the purpose of this visit?”

At the mention of getting down to business, Crew’s...

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