Chapter 152

The Bloodline’s Transition

The five remaining tiny snakes issued cries of terror while struggling to escape Leylin’s reach.

Suddenly, Leylin opened his mouth and inhaled sharply.

All five tiny snakes were all swallowed inside his stomach.

Meanwhile, the spell formations on the ground emitted black lights, engulfing the entire basement.

Wrapped in darkness, Leylin had a feeling like he returned to his mother's womb— serene and comfortable.

Only the constant notifications from the A.I Chip could be heard.

[A large amount of essential substances are entering the Host’s body, confirmed to be Dark energy particles, absorption in progress...]

[Host absorption rate greatly enhanced under the effect of the Darkness rites, crystal utilisation increased!]

[Absorption complete! Host’s elemental essence conversion greatly increased, currently 35%.]


A crisp tone sounded in the centre of the formation. Following which, the black light converged into the shadow of a figure at the centre.


Leylin gradually opened his eyes, and a flash of black light streaked past his eyes.

“This feeling…”

Having the elemental essence...

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