Chapter 151


“You reek of blood, young man.”

The old witch cried out in exaggeration.

“You are a dark Magus, am I right?”

“Is there anything wrong? I don’t know of any rule in Nightless City that states that you can’t sell to dark Magi.” Leylin’s brows furrowed.

“Hehehe… Don’t worry, I’m a dark Magus too, though that’s a matter from over 200 years ago. Ah, just remembering those times makes me feel nostalgic…”

The old witch chuckled, which sounded like an owl hooting.

“For you young people who want to take shortcuts, the price of crystallised Darkness energy particles is not something a newly advanced Magus can afford. I doubt you have that many magic crystals, so as a favour as your senior, I’d like to offer you another option…”

Leylin furrowed his eyebrows even more. “What option?”

“A trade! You should be aware that once we get to this level, all ordinary resources mean nothing to us. Only fellow Magi on the same level as us have the supplies we require…”

“What do you need?” Leylin didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“One thousand! I need a thousand spirits brimming with energy! If...

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