Chapter 150


After hastily keeping the items on his bed, Leylin performed his routine meditation, then fell into a slumber.

It was a very deep sleep. When he finally woke up, it was already midday of the next day.

Leylin thought for a while, dressed up in a comfortable gown, and headed into the wilderness.

Along the path between the villas, Leylin followed the map he had obtained the day before, and walked towards the fourth level of the Nightless City.

“Good day sir!”

The red-headed old geezer, whom he met yesterday, was pruning his lawn. Upon seeing Leylin approach, he smiled and greeted Leylin.

“Hello!” Leylin felt a strong spiritual force propagating from within the old red headed geezer’s body. It did not feel like that of a budding Magus but that of someone who had halted in rank for a long time, and had accumulated a lot of essence.

Furthermore, looking at the traces of energy particles hovering around the old geezer, the A.I. Chip had estimated that he was at least a semi-converted elemental Magus.

The old geezer’s power level was similar to that of the clone from the Lilytell...

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