Chapter 149

Trifling Issues


Crystal clear spring water continuously flowed from a white canteen.

Under the white canteen was a half-nude marble statue. The statue was depicting a poised, long-haired maiden. In her eyes, there was an expression of indolence and perplexity. One hand was tugging on the skirt on her lower body, and the other hand was holding a white canteen upside down.

The spring water gathered below, forming a small pond. Different colored pebbles and fishes in the pool were reflecting the light.

Next to the pond were was a small garden. Inside the garden were different coloured flowers of unknown names. Different fragrances were mixed together, but it didn’t feel jumbled; instead it provided a unique scent that made one feel refreshed.

Leylin leisurely walked around the garden before returning to the villa.

This was the new villa that he had recently rented for a year. The address was: Nightless City Zone 3, Large Whale Street #56.

There were very strict regulations for each of the three zones.

The zones above the third one were only for official Magi and trade, with the exception of some specialised servants that were permitted to pass through.


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