Chapter 148

The Communal Centre

The queue progressed quickly, and within a few minutes, it was Leylin’s turn.

Leylin produced the ring he had recently acquired, and showed it to the guard, who respectfully stepped aside to allow him to pass.

The second zone was a lot bigger than the first, and the shops were arranged in an organised manner, unlike the situation in the first zone.

*Thud Thud *

His leather shoes thudded as they descended upon the marble floor.

With Sean’s guidance, Leylin arrived at the centre of the second zone.

What was known as the communal centre was situated at the middle of the second zone. It was a humongous building that, based on its outward appearance, looked like a person’s inverted palm pressed to the ground.

Each of those fingers was a wide entrance.

Magicians formed long lines, looking like ants as they constantly went through the entrances.

“This is where the Nightless City’s internal affairs are conducted. These includes the renting of lodgings, the applications for store licenses, the issuing of missions, and so on.”

Sean brought Leylin into the passageway on the forefinger.

“This is the second...

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