Chapter 147


From what Leylin gathered, dark Magi from all over the continent disguised themselves in order to enter Nightless City each day. Their aim was to trade items, amongst other activities.

The guards of the city turned a blind eye to their actions.

It could be said that Nightless City’s prosperity was largely dependent on the dark Magi.

Within the city, as long as dark Magi did not intentionally reveal their identity, light Magi would not bother about them.

Hence, Leylin simply smiled and told Jenna, “I came to the Teljose Plains to seek a peaceful way of life. I’m willing to abide by the rules here.”

“Nightless City is a fertile and beautiful city. I’m sure you’ll like it here!”

Jenna laughed and said.

Leylin made small talk with Jenna and managed to gather quite a lot of exclusive information about the city.

Leylin had seen a glimpse of Volcano City in the afternoon, but it was only after the sky dimmed that he reached the gate.

At the moment, there were rows of people queueing up in front of the gates of the city.

The numerous heads seemed...

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