Chapter 146 (Teaser)


Amongst those who were travelling on the same route as Leylin, there were not only magicians, but also many regular people.

Most of the regular people rode on horse carriages, and they stored large amounts of vegetables and fruits at the back.

Even though they might treat magicians with much respect, it was obvious that they held no fear when facing them. It seemed that in the light Magi domain, magicians were often revered, yet were on close terms with the civilians.

This situation somewhat puzzled Leylin. In a kingdom where the dark Magi ruled, the mere mention of Magi would give rise to thoughts of terror and bloodshed. Even an acolyte would be enough to scare away a whole town of people.

“By the looks of it, the fact that light Magi and regular humans are able to coexist harmoniously is true!” Leylin glanced at a farmer who had taken off his hat to greet him, and nodded in acknowledgement.

“And…” His blue eyes shone, "There is no trace of radiation in his body. Does this have to do with the purification tower?"

In the area under the light Magi’s rule, white lofty towers...

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