Chapter 145

Teljose City

“This looks like it was caused by some sort of body possession spell!”

The knowledgeable Leylin was quick in assessing the situation.

“Old geezer, you only have the strength of a semi-converted elemental Magus, and you want to take me down?” Although Leylin looked like he could not have cared less, his right hand had already reached into his belt pouch.


With a flip of his hands, a couple of potions exploded on the giant's body. Following the explosion, a cloud of purple flame engulfed the giant's body and continued to erode it.

“Negative energy flames? Child's play!” The giant shook his head and widened his mouth to let out what seemed like a vacuum force, sucking all of the flames into his abdomen.

“Now, it's my turn!” The giant let out a satisfying belch and grinned at Leylin.

In an instant, the giant turned into a silver flash and appeared right in front of Leylin.

The giant’s huge body structure and protruding muscles were faintly oppressing Leylin.

*Whoosh!* The giant’s skin was suffused with a metallic silver tone. It swung its mace-like arms towards Leylin, and Leylin could only raise...

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