Chapter 144

The Chase

“It’s only renting for a few months, but it costs five hundred magic crystals. Your boss sure knows how to make money!”

The big bloke complained.

“In fact, we generally charge one thousand magic crystals per rental of the Seated Lupin Wolf. We only charged the minimal maintenance costs this time, as you Sirs took on the task…”

The smiling waiter explained.

As the old geezer arrived, he immediately threw the Vulture King’s skull onto the counter.

“Mission accomplished! Have a look!”

From behind the counter, a white-bearded, bespectacled old man in a bartender’s uniform came out. However, from the energy waves exuding from him, he also seemed to be an official Magus.

The white-bearded old man carefully examined the Vulture King’s skull for a long while, only then did he put it away.

“It is indeed the Vulture King’s head. According to the agreement, each one of you will be able to get….”

Mr. White Beard was nimble. He immediately took out bags filled with magic crystals and magic materials and gave it to everyone. It seemed like he had prepared this beforehand.

“In actuality, I belong to the great Dorian family…”

After completing...

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