Chapter 143

Andre Town

“The target has reached the kill zone. Begin!”

The hasty transmission passed through the secret imprint and simultaneously sounded out in five different locations.

Upon hearing the transmission, Leylin’s hand radiated a scarlet red glow, and he proceeded to press his hands against the obelisk in front of him.


A circular wave of tremendous magical power erupted violently. The colorful spell glowed, and trapped the Kary Vultures within it like a cage.

“Ga Ga!” The Kary Vultures screeched furiously while the tumour-like muscles on their bald heads grew in size and glowed a bright red, finally culminating in a violent explosion.


The resulting ear-piercing sound wave continued to reverberate within the cage. The remaining Kary Vultures continued to vibrate their tumour like muscles, amplifying the sound wave in the process.

“This kind of attack…”Leylin widened his eyes, the sound waves pounded on his skull like a hammer. He started to fall into a state of dizziness.

Under the agitation of the sound waves, the ring of light on top of the cage started to flicker and fade.

“The attack...

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