Chapter 142

Latent Fireball

What Leylin had wanted to simulate earlier was a defensive spell.

However, it was meant to be used by magicians who wanted to have a breakthrough with the Grine Water, so naturally, Leylin, having turned into a Warlock, did not need it anymore.

As if struck by inspiration, Leylin added in a few rank 1 spell models from the Book of Giant Serpent and let the A.I. Chip make its modifications and optimizations, devising a rank 1 spell that was suitable for his elemental affinity.

After advancing into a Warlock, Leylin’s spiritual force had significantly increased. Even the A.I. Chip, which was bound to his soul, seemed to have obtained many benefits. Just two days ago, it was finally able to simulate a rank 1 spell model.

[Beep! Data collected, scanning in progress...]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

[Latent Fireball! Classification: Rank 1 spell: Darkness and Fire. Degree of attack: 30.3. Added elemental bonus: 0.3 degrees]

Right now, Leylin’s elemental essence conversion was 1%. Hence, he obtained a 1% increase in the might of his darkness element spell.


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