Chapter 141

Kary Vultures

*Whoosh Whoosh!*

A gale carried up the sand, bringing about a glittering gold color.

On the endless Golden Desert filled with death and danger, a pack of six large wolves padded across the soft sands at a relentless speed.

Upon the backs of the wolves, there sat a couple human silhouettes.

“We are here! Before us is the Golden Oasis!” The old geezer studied the map and exclaimed brightly.

“Are we here at last?” the rider of a Seated Lupin Wolf raised his head slightly and said. With his astonishingly powerful eyesight, he looked into the distance and saw a blanket of green.

Ever since their encounter with the Golden Giant, Leylin, and his party had been on edge, and had been easily startled by the slightest of things. They had only just started to relax after having been on the run for more than ten days. As a result, they also reached their destination at a faster time than they had originally planned.

This was the Golden Oasis, the only large water source in the Golden Desert.

Also, it was the only traversable path through the Grand Canyon...

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