Chapter 140

The Golden Giant

"A Golden Giant is in the process of moving towards us!”The Magus on night duty exclaimed hurriedly. “The Sentinel Slate used to alert the others have been completely eaten by it, too!”


After hearing these words ’Golden Giant’, Leylin quickly heard the startled oaths of nearby Magi.

The Golden Giant was a type of elemental species. Its power was close to that of a fully converted elemental Magus. On top of that, it has its own unique racial talents. Only a rank 2 Magus had the capabilities to thoroughly kill or banish it.

“Wasn’t it said that the Golden Giants from the Golden Desert are extinct? Furthermore, it appeared conveniently in our way. “

The old leader clenched his jaws in a state of madness. His eyes emitted a green radiance.

“Can we avoid it for the time being?”

Lancey suggested. “The Golden Desert is so huge, he might not be able to find us!”

“I am afraid not!” Leylin was the first to interject. “The Golden Giants have a natural instinct to chase species with high energy levels. The energy propagating from our bodies acts like a lamp in the darkness for the giant's eyes. The more we move,...

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