Chapter 139

Sentinel Slate

The rain drizzled continuously, as if like a thread of yarn.

It pelted onto the tarpaulin Leylin had draped over his shoulders; it gave a cooling sensation.

Riding on the Seated Lupin Wolf that had a night’s rest, Leylin appeared tranquil as he peered through the ashy haze, trying to look at the scenery ahead.


It was as if the curtains were pulled apart. Leylin felt like he had rushed out of a dense fog as extremely dazzling sunlight directly shined on them.


Wolf claws slowly sunk into the countless grains of sand they were stepping on.

The rain-filled, dark clouds had gradually dispersed, and now the fiery sun had taken over the sky. It brought with it burning hot rays of brilliance, which constantly spread across the wide desert.

From what they could see, there was a field of gold as well as modulating levels of sand dunes.

“Golden Desert, we’ve arrived!” Leylin felt the surrounding temperature increasing constantly. It must have gone up by at least twenty degrees since the rain earlier.

The sweltering humidity continuously flooded into the tarpaulin, and even with Leylin’s constitution,...

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