Chapter 138

Limestone Wasteland

“Are you kidding… Argh...”

The huge bloke had a sinister smile, but soon after he gave a miserable shriek.

The surrounding Magi also cried out in surprise, as if they’d seen something unbelievable.

Right in front of them, the huge bloke’s belly began to slowly swell, taking the shape of a bulge.

Thinking back to what Leylin said earlier, Lancey was fearful yet relieved that she did not touch the Brownstone Singer like she wanted to.

Looking at the big bloke freaking out and hurrying back into his tent, drinking and consuming all sorts of items with medicinal properties, smiles were seen hanging on the faces of all the people at the site...

After appreciating the spectacle, they rested for the night and carried on their journey the next day.

The huge bloke had also recovered, but his complexion did not look very good.

Where magicians were concerned, to induce an abortion or to do a caesarean section, it was a small and simple operation that even one man could handle.

The effects of the Brownstone Singer might be frightening to a normal person. But for magicians, it was more of a practical...

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