Chapter 137

Seated Lupin Wolf

No matter what the legend said, due to the double influences of topography and magic radiation, the Grand Canyon Margaret suffered from strange geographical conditions and an ever-changing natural climate.

In the Great Canyon Margaret, various terrains such as grasslands, mountains, forests, marshes, and deserts could be seen.

Moreover, one moment, there might be rain, and in the next moment, a terrifying thunderstorm.

As for the enormous intermittent sandstorms, they were a calamity that even official Magi had to escape from.

Fortunately, the large scale sandstorms had their specific timings, so this passage was not completely out of the question.

Advancing through such an environment was a severe test for a Magus’ physical body and spiritual force.

As for the Seated Lupin Wolf, it was a unique species that grew up within the Grand Canyon Margaret.

As if undergoing evolution and modification through radiation, the original species of mountain wolves, in the span of a long time, had evolved into an organism that was completely capable of adapting to the terrain...

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