Chapter 136

Broken Axe Pub

Leylin rushed the carriage forward, wandering aimlessly around the streets.

He thought about Ivy and how she looked like a little puppy that was being abandoned. Even now, the sight felt a little bit laughable.

Magi always advocated voluntary transactions.

The way Leylin saw it was that while Ivy provided him with blood, he brought Ivy on the journey to this place. He even demonstrated his might to find her a place to sleep for the near future. This should have been enough to pay her back for her contribution.

In regards to bringing her along on the journey, Leylin felt that he didn’t have the spare time to take care of such a cumbersome being.

Not to mention, if there was no suitable Warlock meditation method for her, Ivy would never be able to become a level 1 acolyte.

Warlock meditation methods were straining on blood vessels. Just like Leylin’s Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique, it was limited to only Warlocks who came from the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent or its subspecies.

Other Warlocks and Magi would not be able to practice this technique even if they had the Kemoyin’s Pupil technique. It could only serve as...

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