Chapter 135

Angler Town

[Modifying the Fallen Star Pendant’s runes inscription, increasing illusory runes to make Host compatible with its control.]

A.I. Chip sounded at this very moment.

Blue light flashed across Leylin’s eyes, and many transparent patterns began appearing on the surface of the Fallen Star Pendant.

Next, all he needed to do was to proceed with the modifications according to the transparent patterns on the Fallen Star Pendant.

And the A.I. Chip could assist Leylin during his inscription process, so there would not be any mistakes.

Using a pair of tweezers to fish the Fallen Star Pendant onto a white cloth, Leylin took out a solid inscription pen and started to finely carve on the surface of the cross.

At this point, his hand was like a steel sculpture — it was as steady as possible, without even a single tremor.

This required an enormous amount of attentiveness and endurance and consumed a lot of time and energy.

As time passed, beads of sweat started to drip from Leylin’s forehead.

[Fallen Star Pendant’s runes modification is a success! It has...

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