Chapter 134


Out in the wilderness, the night was freezing cold. Even the blazing bonfire was unable to dispel the chill in the air.

Inside the tent, however, it was much warmer — enough to make one feel slumberous.

Leylin waited for a few minutes and saw Ivy’s silhouette shivering as she slowly got into the tent.

You could tell she was very nervous, her hands clutched tightly to her skirt hems, exposing her pale white ankles.

Fear was inscribed on a pair of beautiful eyes.

But it was as if her body was controlled by someone, as she advanced towards Leylin, step by step.

“Don’t worry! It’s very simple to take a sample, and it will not cause you any harm!” Leylin said, to try and pacify her.

“Please pull up your sleeve!”

Upon hearing Leylin’s words, Ivy hesitated for a moment. She then pulled up her sleeve, revealing a length of her jade-white arms.

“It’s going to hurt a little, but don’t be afraid!”

Leylin took out a huge needle-like item from behind him and spoke gently to comfort the little girl.

Unfortunately, the little girl started to tremble even more se...

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