Chapter 133

Elemental Essence Conversion

In a somewhat dilapidated campsite.

Erected in the middle of the campsite was a tent made from cowhide, and it had a sturdy look to it.

Beside the tent was a small fire, where bright yellow flames continuously lapped against a metal pot hanging above it.

A broth that contained some pieces of mushroom and beef-jerky was boiling in this metal pot.

Around the fire, there were many pieces of forked branches, which was used to grill several small fishes. There was also some barbecued meat, which frothed with tiny bubbles as the golden-yellow grease continuously dripped down, while the aroma of sizzling meat permeated the air.

The little blonde girl sat by the side, looking at the piping hot food, involuntarily gulping down her saliva.

Thereafter, she turned her head to look to the side.

There, on a patch of grass, a handsome, black-haired man sat cross-legged on a white sackcloth as he practiced meditation.

This person was, naturally, Leylin.

After bringing Ivy along for quite some distance, he initiated a break to rest awhile.

Although Leylin, with his current vitality, would not be tired even after journeying for...

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