Chapter 132

Secret Imprint

“The secret imprint?”

Leylin nodded his head and stopped in his motions.

This so-called technique for the secret imprint was a tool that official Magi use for communication.

Every newly advanced official Magus would be able to design a special sign to represent themselves. In future, they could leave their secret imprint behind for communication.

As for some Magi, they would even brand it on their family members or slaves to represent the authority given.

Leylin had crafted an imprint for himself. It was an inverted triangle enclosed in a circle. On the triangle was a black serpent that snaked to the top

As for the leader’s chest, an image of blue dodo bird's head was flashing with light.

It seemed that initiating the communication to the head required a tremendous amount of spiritual force and magic power. Just a few minutes later, the leader’s face at once became deathly pale.

Fortunately, right before the leader was unable to endure any longer, the blue light shone brightly and a blue dodo bird flew out from his chest, and perched on his shoulder.


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