Chapter 131


Previously, Leylin held himself back from taking action, not because he was afraid of doing something, but because he didn’t want to be inconvenienced.

However, this girl in front of him had something that interested him. Furthermore, once his research was a success, he would greatly benefit from it.

It was only natural, that he now intended to take action.

However, for prudence's sake, he still chose to lay low on the sidelines and observe the strength of his enemies first.

If their might was average, he would definitely not be modest. He would immediately abduct or coerce the girl to follow him and not be afraid of the pursuers.

If they were too strong, he could only give up. In any case, the world was so big, and she was not the only one with a Warlock’s bloodline. There might be very few of them on the south coast, but there were definitely many in the Central Continent.

Several days later, the horse carriage entered the district of York City.

This was already along the borders of the Inlan Dukedom. As for the old man, his anxiety had already intensified to the maximum. Most of the time he would stay on the horse carriage,...

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