Chapter 130

Horse Carriage

The Book of Giant Serpent mentioned that the curse had had to have stats lower than the spell caster. If any one stat of the target is higher, the might of this curse would be reduced by more than half.

Leylin found out that once the curse has ended, the caster still had to face the wrath of a vengeful spirit which was summoned in the process.

It was absolutely ridiculous!

With so many prerequisites, and being only able to deal with targets with lower stats, finally having to suffer the backlash from a vengeful spirit!

In Leylin’s opinion, this kind of curse wasn't very useful.

However, Fayle met this requirement just right.

He had just advanced and embarked on the simplest path. The various stats were lower than Leylin. Moreover, he had already collected his scent when he was with Bicky previously.

Adding on to the various reasons, Fayle had become Leylin’s first sacrifice to practice the curse on.

“I always feel that there’s something wrong with this curse, it's better to use it lesser in future!”

Leylin patted off the dust on his body.

“However, with the disappearance of the great Magus Serholm, the people on south...

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