Chapter 129

An Incurable Curse

“Yes, I remember it clearly. That meat vendor wore a black hood, his dishevelled hair covering half his face. There was a metal hook on his left hand…”

The housekeeper vividly recalled the memory of the meat vendor.

“This is really strange!” Fayle shook his head and looked at the little girl beside him.

“How is the construction of your mind runes coming on?”

“I have already constructed three but I can’t seem to construct the fourth! Also, inside the <All Living Things> biology…” The little girl reported back meekly.

“So it’s like this?” Fayle interlaced his fingers.

“Your progress is too slow. Tonight you must come to my room, I’ll be personally ‘coaching’ you!”

“Yes, Mentor!” The little girl replied softly.

*Dang Dang Dang!*

The copper grandfather clock in the hall gave a resounding boom and the clock struck 12 times. The sky outside had already darkened and one could slightly see some visible blue stars.

“It’s already so late, why isn’t Nida here yet!”

Fayle slammed opened the door with a loud bang, annoyance evidently seen...

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