Chapter 128


"The ingredients needed for Method 3 and above are too precious. I can't even get them now!"

"Right now the Giant Kemoyin Serpent's bloodline is already fused with my body and even the soul. Forcefully removing it would mean that I will demote from a rank 1 Warlock. I might even lose my life, so this is impossible!"

"It seems like I can only hurry and brew the Serenity Potion!" Leylin's face was solemn.

He long since gotten the formula and even gathered the ingredients in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. Brewing the completed potion was only a matter of time.

He thought he could rely on his willpower to overcome adversities. However, the emotional fluctuations had perplexed Warlocks for hundreds of thousands of years. It was something that could not be easily overcome with mere willpower.

Leylin was always proud of being a rational person. A circumstance where he could not control things was tormenting for him.

After which, Leylin looked at a nearby cave and gave a cold smile.

After stripping Clayde of his belongings, he trapped Clayde, who was unconscious, in...

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