Chapter 127


The moment Clayde declared his name, Leylin gave out an order silently.

"A.I. Chip, Scan the target in front of me!"

[Beep! Mission establishing, scanning in progress... A defensive forcefield around the target detected, unable to collect data!]

As expected, the A.I. Chip still gave the same answer.

"Which is to say, if I broke through the layer of forcefield, I'll be able to scan it?"

Leylin used an immense force on his legs and charged towards Clayde like a bullet.


Leylin's right hand bulged, and the strength of his fist reached 7.1 degrees, smashing onto Clayde's chest.

The sound like a hammer striking at leather sounded. With a huge spark, Clayde was sent flying backwards.

Leylin stood at where Clayde stood originally as he looked at his arm.

Black scales appeared above the skin. On the scales, there were tiny traces of flames continuously flickering.

[Data of target's defensive forcefield obtained, comparing to database!]

[Determined target's innate spell as high-temperature forcefield, creating...

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