Chapter 126


Several minutes later, within the large hall.

There was no one else apart from Leylin and Bicky.

Leylin and Bicky sat facing each other, only separated by a small, white round-table. There were many appetizers and aperitifs arranged on this table.

Bicky was holding a piece of sponge cake within her hand, but it appeared she had no appetite.

"Is it true? How did you actually get promoted to a level 1 Magus this soon?"

Bicky, still appearing absent-minded, picked up a steaming drink and took a gulp.

"Congratulations, Leylin! Also, thank you for coming over to help me."

"Don't mention it. After all, you are my friend." Leylin smiled as he said.

"That's right! You are a good friend." Bicky unconsciously repeated whatever Leylin said, still looking dazed.

"What do you plan to do from now on?" asked Leylin, anxiously, seeing Bicky acting in this manner.

"In the future?" Bicky bowed her head as in deep thought and said, "I do not intend to return to the academy. I shall go and travel and perhaps one day; I will return to my family..."

Saying this, she looked eagerly at Leylin,...

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